Workshop: The Anatomy of Color Healing (Rev, Barbara Sanson and Rev. Sharon Kessler) Apr 1st, 2017

** This workshop has been rescheduled for April 1st, 2017. **

** Please update your calendars **

We are very blessed to have the Spiritual Mediums Rev. Sharon Kesler and Rev. Barbara Sanson visiting our Chapel the week beginning Sat. April 1st!

A day of discovery in the relationship of Light and Color to Spiritual Healing and renewal with Rev. Barbara Sanson and Rev. Sharon Kestler. The workshop is on Sat. April 1st and starts at 10am and ends at 4pm. There will be a Pot Luck lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30.

Presenting and Covering:
Our world as light and energy.
Manifestation of solids and color effects upon our earthly life.
The 7 intrinsic properties of color and vibration and frequency.
How the rainbow of light is the sustaining force for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual renewal.
Colors as the rays of wisdom and knowledge.
Historical meanings of colors—discovering colors that empower you.
This day is designed to bring awareness to the daily measures of life and how and why we crave or repel certain colors.
Class participation, exercises, sharing and color meditation.

Prior knowledge and practice of Spiritual Healing is most helpful but not necessary.

Cost for the class is a love offering of $50.00
Additionally, Barbara and Sharon will be our guest speakers for our service on Sunday the 2nd.
They will both also be available for readings the following week starting on Tuesday. For further information and scheduling please contact Rev Connie at 336-364-1733

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