An Experience of Sacred Geometry In The Human Dimension with Vandorn Hinnant and AnaMaria Walle

An Experience of Sacred Geometry In The Human Dimension with Vandorn Hinnant and AnaMaria Walle – July 30, 2017  2:00PM

This 1 to 1.5 hour powerpoint presentation will contain many images of works of art created by Vandorn Hinnant.

From an early age Vandorn Hinnant consistently endeavored to translate his inner visions and other-dimensional experiences into something shareable with the world. In 1989 he began his formal studies of Sacred Geometry under the tutelage of physicist and inventor Robert L. Powell, Sr., who became his mentor. Since that fate-filled day Vandorn has developed a body of two and three-dimensional works of art, painting and sculpture, that some recognize as more than art. Many have encountered them and experienced transformative and expanded states of awareness. “The making of art is more than an act of making. It is, in fact, integral to the act of Becoming. The maker/artist becomes both conduit and communicator. What is made becomes both conduit and communicator. The artist is transferring Essence from self to other, and this is alchemy.”

Vandorn Hinnant’s work draws inspiration from naturally occurring geometries. The artist utilizes the Golden ratio, also known as the Golden or Divine Proportion; a relationship ubiquitous throughout Nature—to create eloquent compositions of interrelated shapes. In doing so, he joins a long history of artists from Leonardo da Vinci to Salvador Dalí – who have employed empirical methods to aesthetic ends. Beyond visual pleasure, however, Hinnant believes that using this time-honored formula imbues the work with a mystical quality that cannot be seen, but is instead deeply felt in the work’s energy.

Cost: Suggested Love offering of $20.00, no one will be turned away
Place: The First United Metaphysical Chapel 9602 Roxboro Road, Bahama NC 27503
Time: 2:00 PM

Please come out and join us for this wonderful presentation. We look forward to seeing all of you!
Love and Light,

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